Thursday, June 26, 2003

There's Mac, and then there's Barbara

While I strongly disagree with method and content on Mac's part, he's nothing compared to a certain Barbara who has been commenting and (primarily) exchanging emails with the folks at Encore. Here's the letter she wrote Pat Madrid (posted here):
    Hello Mr Madrid, I have never heard of you. But recently I saw your name while surfing the web because I try my best to make catholics see the error of their beliefs.

    I hate the RCC because it destroys lives. Need I tell you how? I can. I am interested in why you apologize for the RCC. You could never apologize enough for your pagan system and your idolatrous daily consumption of your wafer god. I am a christian, but, of course not a catholic. You can serve God and mammon.

    I have also studied religion and ancient history and I can tell you that the RCC is not the church of the living God. It is a religious money making machine that manufactures 'priests' like a factory makes puppets. The pope is not holy, nuns aren't either, the wafer is not the Body of Christ, confession is unscriptural also.

    As a matter of fact, the RCC is the great whore that sits on seven hills and is mentioned specifically in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ given to John on Patmos. Jesus told his servant John to send seven letters to the seven churches in Asia. Rome was not one of them. That should tell you something.

    A sister in our church was a cloistered nun for 25 years until God had mercy and saved her. In Mexico one can go to see the old convents where dead bodies of babies were found buried behind walls.A guide will take you through.

    I marvel that you are so amazingly ignorant of the Bible, but that is typical of a catholic. South and Central America are steeped in poverty and ignorance. Why? because some of my ancestors, the Conquistadores brought with them only priests and soldiers, but they did not bring Jesus.

    America is the greatest nation on earth .Why? It is founded on Protestanism. Protestant children fare better than catholic children. and I could go on and on, but I think you get my message. I watch TBN and know many ministers personally and minister myself through prophesy, evangelism and teaching the Bible. I also am a Gospel singer. I see clearly that the faces of the preachers and christians are radiant with joy and EWTN makes me sad to see the dead faces of those poor "priests" and nuns and how the RCC is desperately trying to be like the Protestants.

    Yes, God is able to save catholics and he is doing it, praise his Name, but when he does, he removes them from their paganism and idolatry. I owe Martin Luther nothing and I owe the RCC nothing. I owe all to Christ who died for me.

    In closing, let me say that the RCC will be brought into judgement by God for all the lives that have been destroyed by it's pagan teachings and it's idolatrous behaviour.

    Sincerely, Barbara
Read the comments.

Carl was next to take up the baton. In response to his request that Barbara explain where she got her Bible (and he doesn't mean what bookstore), she wrote (posted here):
    Have you ever heard of the Spanish Inquisition initiated by Ferdinand and Isabella?
    Are you aware how many millions were burned by the Spaniard catholics at the stake because they refused to recognize the pope as vicar of Christ and the teachings of the RCC? That is against the love of God which is taught by the apostles.
    How about the Lateran Pacts of 1929?
    Ever hear of Eugenio Pacelli (aka) Pope Pius Xll who with Mussolini signed the concordat in July 20, 1933?
    Are you aware the pope was in full agreement with the Nazis and it is documented history?
    Are you aware that Central and South America are steeped in ignorance and poverty thanks to catholic teachings brought by the Spaniard priests in the early 16th century?
    Have you ever heard of any greatness come from those countries which are catholic? No.
    Are you aware that Latinos fare poorly and they are all catholic?
    Are you aware the Protestant children do much better in education and do not committ the crimes the catholics do?
    Want me to give you statistics?
    Are you aware that the United States of America is the greatest nation on earth because it was founded on Protestant teachings?
    Are you aware that RCC priests by the hundreds have molested innocent boys, yet were moved to another perish to keep the cash flowing?
    Are you aware of the dead babies bones found btween walls of convents?
    Are you aware that in Latino towns crime there is higher among catholics than Protestants?
    I could tell you the whole bloody history of the RCC, but it will matter nothing to you as long as you are well and fed and happy while millions are lost in catholicism.
    A RCC bishop recently hit and killed a father of four and fled the scene? Why? Because Christ was not in him or he would not have fled.
    Love doesn't behave that way.
    There are no church fathers as you think, but the apostles gave us the NT and your boasting is vain.
    The RCC is the Great Whore that sits on seven hills and if you don't know that is Rome, then I don't know what to tell you.
Wow. Wowy wow wow.

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