Tuesday, June 03, 2003

NRO articles

There have been a couple of articles at NRO the last couple of days which I want to take the time to mention here.

First, David Frum yesterday commented on Newsweek: International Edition editor Fareed Zakaria's book The Future of Freedom? Zakaria argues that there is such a thing as illiberal democracy, and therefore that the US must seek not only elections, but the rule of (impartial) law around the world. Frum comes to Zakaria's defense against a couple of criticisms. It's not a long article, but it's good food for thought viz. spreading democracy throughout the world.

Second is Byron York's longer article on the Left's portrayal of President Bush as as much a liar as Clinton, if not more so. York does a good job of completely disemboweling this scurrilous attack, particularly with regard to the question of WMDs in Iraq.

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