Wednesday, June 04, 2003

PBA Ban passes House

The House tonight passed a bill which will outlaw partial-birth abortions. The vote was 282-139, which is a greater margin of victory than the last vote, as Ramesh Ponnuru notes.

Gloria Feldt of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America was typical in her response: "It still doesn't contain an exception for the health of the woman and it criminalizes doctors trying to provide the best care to their patients." And her official PPFA statement states, "the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that could put doctors in jail for providing the best and safest health care to women."

I'm sorry, Gloria, but you won't find any doctor to agree with you that the procedure banned by this bill is ever, ever medically necessary. You're just making yourself look more and more radical by opposing this bill.

Now, appearing radical isn't always a bad thing. After all, being opposed to abortion in all cases probably seems radical to many Americans. But when you appear radical and don't have a rational argument to stand on... well, you're in a world of hurt.

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