Friday, June 06, 2003

Patton's Postmodern Potlatch

Saw a blog I haven't seen before today (no real surprise, considering how many there are out there) called Postmodern Potlatch, with Patton (Price?) as author.

Blogging the other day on the bill banning partial birth abortions, Patton summarized the passage of the bill thus: "American Religious Fundamentalism: 1 ; Roe v Wade: 0."

One could comment in any number of ways. For now, I'll simply note that Patton appears to never have heard any of the imminently rational arguments against abortion; usually I'd blame the person in question for that, as it's very easy to find such arguments on the net, but since I've just "found" Patton, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Oh... for a good source of such arguments, check out Libertarians for Life, founded by atheist (i.e. a non-religious-fundamentalist) Doris Gordon.

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