Wednesday, June 18, 2003


Last week Tom expressed his displeasure with occasional approval found at blogs4God which is given to the "Catholicism is idol-worshipping paganism" sector of Christianity. It led to some good discussion at that post, here at b4G, and elsewhere, which prompted Tom to post again here, here, and here.

Tom specifically had in mind this post by David Henreckson, and some comments made by Mac Swift. In comments at Tom's blog and in posts (like this one) on his own site, Mac unapologetically (yet politely) asserts that Catholicism as it exists today is the result of a 4th century combination of Christianity and paganism.

Mac believes that the Roman Catholic view of history is distorted by lies. Currently, I'm inquiring (via comments at the linked post) about his views of Orthodoxy, considering the affinity between Catholicism and Orthodoxy. We'll see how things progress.

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