Thursday, June 05, 2003

Another bleg

What is the purpose in God establishing liturgies in which salvific events are re-presented? Jews "re-present" the Exodus when they celebrate the Passover meal, and we Catholics "re-present" Calvary, the Resurrection, etc. when we celebrate Mass.

But why? What is it about human nature that led God to establish liturgical re-presentation, in both covenants? As a Catholic, I believe that the saving acts of Jesus on the Cross are re-presented really (albeit sacramentally) at Mass... it is more than a mental act of remembering. But why is this important? What is the value of being present before Calvary mystically? Don't misunderstand... I rejoice at what the Mass is. But I'm wondering why God made it so? You obviously don't need to be present at the actual event or its liturgical re-presentation to receive its benefits... so what's up?


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