Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Blog tweaking

Just over a year after startup, Sean Gallagher is tweaking the direction he's taking Nota Bene. Gone (or at least much less common) will be series of interrelated posts. And as far as an overall focus, Sean plans on getting into Christian dialogue:
    I am very interested in entering into grace-filled, charitable dialogues with those Christians who do not share all of the beliefs and practices that I, as a Catholic, profess and strive, with the grace of God, to live out in my day-to-day life. There would, in my mind, be multiple purposes (they may be hopes as much as purposes) for such dialogues. One, I hope that they would increase for all participants the accurate knowledge of and respect for the faith traditions of the others. Two, I hope that they would be able to lead those Christians who participate and who do not share all of my Catholic beliefs and practices to at least be able to view as a whole the Catholic Church as being Christian.

    Many Christians who are not Catholic already do this. But there are also many who do not. This saddens me and it frustrates me on a personal level. But on more broad level, I think that our common mission to proclaim the Gospel to all nations is impeded by the degree to which various groups of those who are truly Christian are either unable or unwilling to accept one or more of the other as being Christian.
A very laudable intention, IMHO.

Sean posted all this yesterday, and today the change in direction is visible, with a long post which seeks to answer the following questions: What are Catholics and other Christians in dialogue about? And why is dialogue necessary at all? Sean's answers are right-on, especially with regard to the latter.

Go have a look.

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