Wednesday, June 04, 2003

The Big Four

Hugh Hewitt has an article at The Weekly Standard on four blogs which are "poised to remake the political landscape as the '04 election cycle begins." And they are:

Andrew Sullivan
Mickey Kaus
The Volokh Conspiracy

Somehow, I didn't make the list. Hrumph.

Here's the central thesis:
    The first presidential election with full blog participation is opening now. As the Iowa caucuses approach, watch the blogs (1) to see if any Democrat is catching fire there and (2) for leaks of damaging info. Howard Dean is reported to be investing heavily in controlling web-spin, but the blogs cannot be controlled in any meaningful way. The filters that reporters and producers used to provide are gone, destroyed by free agents in cyberspace. The Drudge Report, a sort of Model-T blog, did much to bedevil Clinton. If any of the Big Four reach Drudge-status, it will be as though King Kong, Godzilla, and Mothra all arrived in an Iowa China shop at the same time.

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