Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Catholicism and Republicanism

Mark at Minute Particulars recentlyposted on the lack of dissonance at many Catholic blogs which discuss matters of faith and politics:
    I would think that blogs that espouse Catholic thought and a pretty clear political leaning would grind a few gears on occasion when trying to get everything to mesh. Does the Republican Party or Bush Administration really jibe so well with Catholic Teaching? Does the Democratic Party really resonate so perfectly with Catholic Teaching? I often come away with that impression. Where's the dissonance?
Tom at Disputations also posted.

I think both make good points. As I commented at Tom's blog, I know that my blog probably often looks like the kind of thing which Mark is talking about, although I decidedly believe that there "Republicanism" is not close to Catholic social teaching on a number of very important issues. It simply happens that on the political issues of the day which I've decided to post on, I do see such a harmony.

Again, though, I don't think that harmony always obtains. For instance, I don't see just wage as a very high priority for Republicans. I don't mean that they aren't pushing for laws enacting just wages... I don't even see it as a major public policy issue for discussion on their part. And I differ with the typical Republican stance on the death penalty as well. Those are a couple of areas in which I differ with the Republican party line; perhaps at some point I'll expound more on them.

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