Sunday, June 01, 2003

Michael Crichton

While on vacation, I read Prey by Michael Crichton. I had heard "so-so" reviews of the book before, but I decided to read it anyway. Well, in my opinion, the book is "so-so" :-)

Crichton does his usual excellent job of making plausible what seems impossible, viz. technology-gone-haywire; in this case, the "victim technology" is nanotechnology.

The problem comes in the end, when things go "really bad." This time, the disaster is a little too far-fetched, IMHO, and unbelievable.

The other thing is this: in all of his books, Crichton's materialist worldview is apparent, and Prey is no exception. I really wish that he'd make a greater attempt to "prove" the assumptions found in his books, especially when they are so relevant to his main topic.

Alas, I must remind myself that Crichton is a fiction author, and is free to do what he likes.

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