Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Kiss and tell

Mark Shea posted the following today:
    Speaking of Quran Kissing...

    Here's another sample of what some would call a Vaticanisti practicing "Spirit of Vatican II" compromise of the Faith. This was recently written to a Muslim Big Shot:

      "We and you must show in a special way to the other nations an example of this charity, for we believe and confess one God, although in different ways. Many of the Roman nobility, informed by us of this grace granted to you by God, greatly admire your goodness and virtues."

    What do y'all make of it?
When you read the comments, you'll find that the quote is from Pope Gregory VII, who was pope nearly a thousand years ago.

So if popes could say these kinds of things to muslims centuries ago, what's wrong with JPII kissing the Koran today?

Go read the comments for some fun.

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