Tuesday, September 02, 2003

You know better, Mr. Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan is back from his August blogging hiatus, and in many ways, he's picked up where he left off, one of those points of departure being his continued and unfortunate misunderstanding of the Catholic Church, to which he belongs.

In this post, he summarized the events of the eighth month of 2003, including this line: " critical document showed how the Vatican had a policy of cover-up of sexual abuse of minors for decades."

He is referring to a 1962 Vatican document which CBS sensationally "revealed" on Wednesday, August 6th. I posted on it the following day, and a number of other bloggers out there (Lane Core, Mark Shea, Bill Cork, and Kevin Miller to name only a couple) did so as well.

It appears, unfortunately, that Mr. Sullivan did not avail himself of these resources in deciding how to understand and address the issue.

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