Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Go here and/or here to get a peek of those who are so consumed by their political ideology that any semblance of objectivity is a sham.

I know that there were people on the right who hated and despised Clinton, but conservatives are supposed to be like that (so they say), while liberals are supposed to be calm, rational, unprejudiced folk who never lower to the level of hatred and intolerance of others' views.

Guess not.

As I've said numerous times, American political "discourse" consists of little more than both sides shouting past one another with each side preferring to maintain its stereotypical views of the other, rather than engage in any real and serious exchange of ideas. The "winner" is the side that either shouts the loudest or scores the better rhetorical point, rather than offering an idea most conforming to reality. I'm sure there are conservative blogs which are indicative of this tendency, and if anyone has examples, comment away. In the meantime, I think these two which I've linked here are liberal examples of this trend.

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