Thursday, September 18, 2003

For instance

As I've noted of late, I'd really enjoy a calm, rational discussion of political issues with someone from the left who can discuss and disagree with me without accusing me of being a hard-hearted, pandering-to-the-rich (hah!), mean-spirited conservative.

Take taxes, for instance. I don't understand the moral logic behind a progressive tax system. If everyone is paying the same percentage of their income, those who make more are obviously going to pay more that those who make less. A progressive tax scale seems inherently unjust to me, and I have no idea why anyone would support it.

Now, some might say that there are all sorts of loopholes which enable those who have the bucks to hire good accountants to actually pay less taxes than their income "requires." Now, maybe this is so. But doesn't the creation of an inherently unjust tax scale only compound the problem? If there are problematic loopholes, close them, don't impose an unjust tax scale, for goodness' sake!

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