Saturday, September 06, 2003

"More men!"

A number of people have been calling for more soldiers in Iraq. Some of them -- I'm thinking here of certain Democrat presidential contenders, along with anti-Bush liberals -- have been doing so to try to make about about the "failure" of Bush's approach in Iraq.

Others calling for more troops, though, harbor no animus toward the President or his ideas. Hoover Institute member and NRO contributor Stanley Kurtz, for instance, has long been calling for a larger military in general.

You can now add another conservative voice to the mix: Tom Donnelly of the American Enterprise Institute has written an article on the need for more men in Iraq, and how Secretary Rumsfeld is stubbornly refusing to acquiesce. It's interesting to me that this comes from AEI, in that this think-tank has served as the intellectual clearinghouse for this administration -- many of the "full-time thinkers" serving the President have come from AEI or been influenced by that institute.

We'll have to see what happens...

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