Monday, September 01, 2003

Living wage

Peter Robinson today posted briefly on the Church and living wage. As I told him in an email, I both agree and disagree with his stance; here's mine...

The Catholic Church clearly teaches a living wage, and hence, I, too, advocate a living wage. *But*, Rome does not specify many of the particulars of a living wage, nor does it require a particular mechanism (be it legislative or otherwise) to enact such a wage.

In my case, I believe that there are simply too many variables and factors at work to make across-the-board legislative or executive acts workable on this matter (hence, I would have opposed the proposal in San Fran). Rather, I believe that it is up to each employer and employee to determine what is, in that specific and unique instance, a living wage.

So: a living wage is necessary, but I see no way to externally impose it upon a business.

That's my $.02, for what it's worth.

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