Thursday, November 21, 2002

Wealthy receiving more threats

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According to a survey of the most wealthy 1% of Americans, that segment of the United States population has received a greater number of threats over the last two years. Apparently, the political language employed first by former Vice President Al Gore in his unsuccessful presidential bid and then by former Majority Leader Tom Daschle in his unsuccessful bid to derail the President's tax cuts a year and a half ago have led to an increase in threats made against the wealthiest Americans and their families.

These people -- who are known with absolute certainty to have taken every single thing Al Gore and Tom Daschle have ever said to heart -- have evidently acted out on their emotions and threatened those who have higher incomes than they do. Some people blame the shrill rhetoric of the aforementioned Democrat politicians for this increase in threats.

Others wonder who there is any possible way to link what they have said with the actions of these disenfranchised citizens. But others point to telltale signals that this is the case; for instance, a number of threats began with language like, "I just listened to [Gore or Daschle], and what he said made me really angry towards you rich people! I'm going to get you!"

That this language was actually used has not been confirmed at this time.

More as this situation develops...

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