Saturday, November 09, 2002

Brad Pitt: jerk

I recently recalled an interview Rolling Stone did with Jennifer Aniston last summer, in which she related a story about an encounter her husband Brad Pitt had with George Bush's daughter, Jenna. Apparently, Jenna had a summer internship at the management firm which represents Jennifer and Brad Pitt. One day, the happy couple (Aniston and Brad Pitt) saw Jenna walking down the hall, and Brad Pitt -- according to his wife -- said to Jenna, "'Heyyyy, Jenna, wanna beer? I got one in the truck!"

Nice guy, that Brad Pitt.

If anyone has found this post because they did a google search on Brad Pitt, think about it next time you watch him in a movie.

Shortly before relating this touching story, the interviewer of Brad Pitt's wife mentioned her views on politics: "Aniston mentions how musicians in the Eighties had something to be pissed off about, with Reagan in the White House. I ask her what she thinks of Bush. She vents about him in detail, eloquently, but off the record. She says she doesn't want to come off like another actor blathering about politics. On the record, she'll only say, "Bush is a f***-ing idiot," and flip him a double-bird."

Nice sleight-of-hand: the interviewer portrays Brad Pitt's wife as an eloquent political commentator, but "off the record", so that she also comes across as humble in her political views.

Of course, Brad Pitt's wife's "on the record" comments speak volumes about what she must have said off the record, in terms of intelligence and content.

Once again, more evidence of that Liberalism 101 course which aspiring actors are required to take. Apparently, both Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt passed with flying colors.

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