Sunday, November 10, 2002

NYTimes Letter Watch

Today's installment: More Vilification.

These letters (especially the first one) are more indications of the lack of knowledge which our political ideologies seem to have regarding the other, at least the other's motivations.

Here's the letter I shot off to the editor in response:

Sunday's letter to the editor by Ms. Rudolph of Woodmere is just another instance of the demonization and vilification which constitutes modern American political "discourse", on both sides of the aisle.

We are never going to move beyond partisan politics until both sides recognize that the majority of both liberals and conservatives have the best interests of our people and our country at heart. Yes, we may disagree -- and disagree strongly -- as to how we arrive at those common goals, but they are common nonetheless.

The sooner we realize this -- and stop impugning the basest of motives to all those on the other side of the aisle -- the sooner our political arguments will become real discourse, rather than shouting matches.

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