Monday, November 04, 2002

Mondale on the Constitution

Just saw a bit of the Coleman-Mondale debate on FoxNews. Mondale repeatedly stated that "choice" (i.e. abortion rights) is in the Constitution, and the way he spoke about it, you'd think he thought the actual word "abortion" is found in it.

Mondale must not be up on the constitutional arguments vis. abortion: even abortion rights supporters acknowledge that Roe v. Wade -- which supposedly established the constitutionality of abortion -- was a horrible piece of jurisprudence. But then, Walter has been out of politics for over ten years, so that's not surprising.

A general note: Coleman seemed to be winning the debate, at least during the portion I saw. His tone, demeanor, and responses were -- by and large -- superior to Mondale's, who kept talking about Coleman's "right-wing views". Soon he'll be talking about the right-wing conspiracy, too.

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