Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Good OpinionJournal columns

Two from yesterday on the Coleman-Mondale debate, one by Peggy Noonan, the other by John Fund.

Then, today there is a piece on gerrymandering.

Now, I tend to blame many of our political system's problems on the citizens, because they have the power to change things with their vote. However, this is one example of how the politicians work the system in their favor in a way that makes it difficult for some people's vote to matter. Here's a "money quote": "Goo-goo liberals destroy entire forests bemoaning the lack of voter turnout, but why vote if the race is already over? Pre-fixed elections strike us as a far greater cause of voter cynicism than "negative ads" or "campaign finance reform" or the other windmills that the goo-goos usually tilt at."

I have to agree.

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