Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Two Democrat attempts to find a silver-lining

I heard a lot of people trying to find that proverbial silver-lining for the Democrats after the debacle that was this mid-term election. One of them was this: "Well, at least we won the governor's races in the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin, and that'll set us up nicely for 2004."

Wrong. As many others (including Tim Russert, and maybe Rush) pointed out, the Republicans had governors in all four of those states in 2000, and Gore won every one of them. No silver-lining there.

What about Catholic abortion rights supporter and new Michigan governor, Jennifer Granholm? A lot of pundits were talking about her as a possible future player on the national stage. That may be, but not as President or Vice President -- as Russert pointed out, Granholm was born in Canada, and so cannot hold either position, under the U.S. Constitution.

No silver-lining there, either.

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