Friday, November 08, 2002

Surprise re: Pelosi

It looks like a lock for Nancy Pelosi to be the House minority leader, which is fine with me, and I'm sure the White House isn't going to complain.

But I was pleasantly surprised to read this story and find out that Pelosi and I actually agree on an issue: our posture towards Bejing. The article states that that she "is best known in Washington as the leader of the forces criticizing the Beijing regime for human rights violations" and that "on the day the bill passed, she told the House that years of free trade with China had only led to “more people in prison for their political and religious beliefs than at any time since the cultural revolution, and an expansion in China’s proliferation activities, from Pakistan, making South Asia a more dangerous place, to Iran, making the Persian Gulf a more dangerous place ... as well as threatening the security of Taiwan.”

How about that!

I wonder if there's anything else we agree on.

Probably not.

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