Saturday, November 02, 2002

Jewish Kingdom and Christian Church: Second-Cousins?

Yes they are, according to a post this morning by Carl Olson at the Envoy Encore blog (no permalink available: it's the one posted at 10:18, titled "What's Behind Being Left Behind?"). Carl's post is a primer on "Premillennial Dispensationalism", and it's very interesting; among other things, he shows that the logical outcome of the various aspects of this belief is that some people will be Christians (those saved by Jesus during the Tribulation period), but won't belong to the Church!!!

Um, Tim? Jerry? Every Christian is a member of the Church, necessarily. The Church is the Body of Christ, according to St. Paul, so if you aren't in the Church, you aren't in Christ. And how can a Christian not be in Christ?

Are there any premillennial dispensationalist readers there who can offer any thoughts?

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