Friday, October 04, 2002

NYTimes Letter Watch

Today's installment: Iraq Idiocy.

Both letters are full of red herrings and strawmen. The first alludes to the fact that we "made Saddam," and then concludes that this somehow argues against going to war. Huh? It seems to me that if we are responsible for the present state of affairs in Iraq, then it is that much more important for us to fix the situation; if you make the mess, you clean it up.

The second letter-writer wishes for a debate. So do I. But I don't see any sign of debate in his letter. As others have pointed out, those who call for a debate never actually make a contribution to such a debate. If you want a debate, wouldn't you make a case for your position, in some way? Any way? Kinda wierd, if you ask me.

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