Thursday, October 31, 2002

Atheists in America

Interesting ABC News piece on atheists in our country.

A lot of them seem likely whiners, to be honest. "Pay attention to me and my non-belief!!!"

The implicit conceit of others is also interesting: "Paul Kurtz, the head of the Council on Secular Humanism, wants to promote nonbelief as a positive alternative world-view. "What we want to argue is the use of reason," he says, "And that's very radical now.""

Ah yes.. atheists are the only people who use reason; atheism is the only "religious" worldview that stand the test of reason, blah, blah, blah.

I'm sorry for my tone, but the arrogance of statements like this really galls me. Ever heard of John Paul II's document Faith and Reason, Paul? Yes, I know Christians and other believers can be just as arrogant, and that irks me to. But at least in that case, they're actions are in contradiction with their belief systems, and so (hopefully) the arrogant Christian will change his tune. But atheism doesn't have the intrinsic ethical code that Christianity does, so this sort of arrogance is more often the rule than the exception. At least among the activist type.

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