Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Maureen... at it again

I'm sure the NYTimes has Maureen Dowd on their payroll just to get people like me to read their paper. Well, it works. Maureen continues to amaze me with the sort of commentary that she manages to put on paper. Today's column is no exception. Apparently, Dowd is not too excited about the possiblity of Dr. W. David Hager becoming chairman of the FDA's panel on women's health policy. Why? Because he's a committed Christian (according to Dowd's article) who believes that Jesus has a role in women's health. Dowd brings forth a bunch of evidence of this, and then draws her conclusions:

"Once again, the Bush administration seems to be sowing skepticism about science for the sake of politics. It has smothered the promise of stem cell research to extend and improve life with the right wing's reverence for "life.""

Now, I re-read the article and the quotes from Hager and his work which Dowd brought forth, and I was still unable to find anything that would indicate that Hager and/or the Bush administration was "sowing skepticism about science." She even quotes Hager saying, "The fact that I'm a person of faith does not deter me from also being a person of science." How is that being skeptical of science?? Of course, Dowd has to include a gratuitous slam on the "right wing" reverence for life. Well, I'm sure she intended it as a slam, but I think I'll take it as a compliment.

And finally, she closes with this gem: "Are we so worried about medieval villains abroad that we no longer worry about medievalism at home?" Nice try, Maureen. Maybe you can write about the boogeyman next time.

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