Monday, October 14, 2002

Ratzinger’s new book

I recently got my copy of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger’s latest book-length interview, God and the World, and I must say, it is outstanding and thoroughly enriching, both theologically and spiritually. As I’ve been reading through it, there have been several passages which I’ve wanted to post and comment on, but I’d end up putting the whole book online, and while Cardinal Ratzinger might not care, I have a feeling Fr. Fessio would. So, I’m going to try to restrict myself to only a few passages now and in the future.

One of them comes fairly early on, when Peter Seewald (the german journalist doing the asking) asks the Cardinal, “ on these occasions [when the Ratzinger communicates with God in prayer], does God always behave respectfully, or does he let you see he has a sense of humor?” I thought the question itself was terrific, but I loved the answer even more: “I believe he has a great sense of humor. Sometimes he gives you something like a nudge and says, Don’t take yourself so seriously!”

I love it! Here we get a glimpse into how the Ratzinger understands God; I doubt that those who have referred to him as the “Panzerkardinal” would ever guess that he sees God as occasionally elbowing him and saying, “Hey! Lighten up!”

Great stuff!

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