Thursday, October 24, 2002

NYTimes Editorial Watch

Today's installment: The Vatican objects (that's a verb, not a noun -- we're not talking about art pieces)

In this editorial, the Times editors tell the US Bishops that their policy's essential elements are worth fighting for in Rome. Nothing earth-shattering there. But what got me was this line, concerning the decision by the bishops to go with a "zero-tolerance" policy: "The American bishops were convinced by experts that those who commit sexual crimes are likely to commit them again". !!!!! Experts!? It was listening to experts that got the bishops into trouble in the first place! Bloggers and commentators of all media yelled this from the rooftops last spring... it was precisely by heeding the advice of these experts instead of acting as men of God and Church that got the bishops into this position to begin with! But now the Times wants the bishops to listen to the experts again; surely, they must be right this time. Musn't they?

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