Friday, December 13, 2002

Think Tanks Fail in the Abortion Debate

That's the title of this UPI piece.

Kind of a wierd piece, in a certain sense. The author wishes there was more objective "solid research and sound data" done by think tanks, "so they can inject important information to a significant debate."

Honestly, I'm not really sure what the point of such "objective" research and data would be. The crux of the abortion debate is the question of the personhood of the embryo. Biology has already weighed in on this. The reason there is widespread disagreement is that people have taken different philosophical stances on the "objective" data which embryology long ago provided.

Abortion is a relative rarity in modern political discourse: there isn't really any middle ground, because the core issue only has two solutions. Either the embryo is not a person (and hence there is no problem with abortion and there is no need to restrict it), or it is a person (and hence abortion should be outlawed).

This article seeks to find another way, and hopes that "objective research and solid data" might provide the way. But there isn't another way. Abortion is the moral equivalent of either elective cosmic surgery or manslaughter (at best). There is no other option.

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