Monday, December 23, 2002

Thanks, Trent

Thanks to Senator Lott's multiple attempts to save his status as Majority Leader by apologizing for all sorts of things -- including sound legislative decisions -- liberals have new ammo to use against conservatives.

Consider, for instance, William Raspberry's editorial in today's Washington Post. Raspberry concludes this piece as follows:
    It is impossible to review the succession of Lott apologies without concluding that he not only regrets the racial insensitivity of his birthday party remarks but also has come to suspect that some important aspects of his present political views -- the dominant views of his party -- may be racially insensitive as well.

    You see why he had to go?
Because of Lott's goofy statements, Raspberry can more easily make the still-ridiculous claim that sound policy stances -- like opposition to affirmative action -- are "racially insensitive".

Thanks, Senator.

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