Tuesday, December 17, 2002

The Theocrats are coming! The Theocrats are coming!

Today Paul Krugman -- columnist for the NYTimes -- does his Paul Revere imitation, but this time it isn't the Brits... it's those dastardly foes of the Religious Right! Quick, save the children! Hide the women!

Krugman is wringing his hands over the Bush decision to make it easier for faith-based social services to obtain federal funds. The way Krugman reacts, you'd think Bush just declared that pastors and priests will be replacing congressmen and senators next week.

Actually, Bush's action is common-sensical; there are all sorts of social service organizations which do great things for the poor, single parents, minorities, women, etc. -- and oh, by the way, they happen to be church-based -- and are ineligible for federal grants. But rather than do something that might help those less fortunate than themselves, people like Mr. Krugman would prefer to maintain that inviolable Wall of Separation Between Church and State, the magnitude of which was inconceivable sixty years ago, let alone two hundred years ago when the Constitution was drafted and approved.

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