Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Lott and Clinton

Trent Lott's remarks last week were foolish, insensitive, and wrong. Fortunately, he apologized for them and noted that he was not supporting segregation by them.

What is interesting (but not surprising) is the degree of moral outrage being expressed by some on the Left (and the Right, actually), especially when compared with Clinton's recent remarks highly praising the former Arkansas senator J. William Fulbright. As Mark Levin notes in this piece, Fulbright was an unabashed segregationist. Yet you didn't hear Jackson et al condemning Clinton for praising Fulbright, did you? It makes it hard to take Jackson's remarks as little more than the partisan politics they are.

NB: I am not excusing Lott's remarks, as I noted in the beginning of this post. I'm only pointing out the inconsistency of those calling for Lott's head, when they gave Clinton a free pass.

Oh, one other thing: did you see that Tom Daschle came to Lott's defense? Makes it hard to paint Lott as a segregationist (let alone a racist) when that happens.

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