Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Those Evil Republicans

Eric Schlecht has an article at NRO examining the latest Democrat demagoguery against Republicans, this time focusing on how (as Schlecht puts it) the Reps plan to "steal senior citizens' retirement savings, throw them out into the streets, and publicly flog them."

There's a great quote in the article from a letter which members of Bush's Social Security Committee wrote to Rep. Robert Matsui (D., Calif), ranking Dem on the House's Soc. Sec. Subcommittee: "critics without constructive alternatives do not contribute to the policy debate." Amen!

I'm tired of Democrats making these arguments which are made out of ignorance or in bad faith (or both). This is reminding me of Daschle's statements last year re: the tax cuts: the middle class's break will only be enough to buy a muffler, while the tax break for the "rich" will be enough to buy the car. No kidding, Tom! Maybe that's because the taxes paid by the "rich" are far higher in actual dollars as well as percentage of income than the middle class. Heck, I'm in the latter, and it doesn't bother me -- in fact, it's the fair thing. Oh, that's right -- fairness isn't the agenda. Gaining political power via class warfare is. I forgot.

<end of rant>

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