Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Fav Blogs

I should talk a little bit about the blogs I've linked to.

The Corner is the blog for the staff and contributors of National Review Online. Most of the posts are of a loosely-political nature, but some of them (usually by Rod Dreher and Kathryn Lopez) are of a religious (often Catholic) nature.

Amy Welborn's Blog focuses generally on Things Catholic; I "discovered" Amy first through her columns in Our Sunday Visitor, then found her website, and was happy to recently find her blog. While I don't agree with her on everything (as may become apparent eventually), I do concur with the vast majority of what she has to say.

Relapsed Catholic is Kathy Shaidle's blog, with most of her posts being of the religious, political, and religious-political nature.

Louder Fenn's Blog also focuses on political and religious topics in general and Catholics topics in particular. Thanks for the link, Louder!

Eve Tushnet's Blog is of the same genre, along with items concerning blogging "culture" and other tidbits (for lack of a better word).

These are far from being the only blogs I'd recommend (there are another half-dozen or so I check daily), but they are at or near the top of the list; hopefully I'll get to the others later.

For those of you to whom I've linked: if you don't like my description of your blog, just let me know ( and I'd be happy to clarify.

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