Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Power again

This from Maureen Dowd's latest column in the NY Times:

If men would only give up their silly desire for world dominance, the world would be a much finer place. Look at the Taliban. Look at the Vatican.

Maureen's always good for a morning chuckle. Yes, the Vatican -- like the Taliban, naturally -- seeks world domination. I mean, look at all of the power which the Pope wields over me and other Catholics! Look at how John Paul II passes laws that prevent me from doing what I want to! Look at the political, economic, and military might which the Vatican can bring to bear to impose its dastardly will on the world!

Oh, wait...

Oops. Guess what? JPII can't do anything, anything to me. The only power that he wields over me or anyone else is the the power of persuasion and the spiritual/moral authority of the Gospel. That's all. Maureen and I are completely free to throw everything he says out the window and live our lives in complete contradiction to him, if that is our desire.

For further comments on Ms. Dowd's remarks, see Fool's Folly from this morning.

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