Tuesday, April 09, 2002

It's Not About Power

The Yale Daily News has an article on an address given by Cokie Roberts concerning Religion and the Media. Near the end of the article is a quote from Roberts responding to a question about women's ordination: ""Nobody relinquishes power. You have to grab it and fight like the devil for it," Roberts said. "And that's how they see us -- the Devil -- I think you'll see a married priesthood long before you see a female priesthood.""


I know that Cokie is a practicing Catholic, but as long as she sees ordination and the priesthood as issues of power, she and all of those others who sadly make the same mistake -- including ordained priests! -- will never, ever understand the Sacrament of Orders.

It's about service, not power. But I don't have the time to get into this thicker-than-it-should-be discussion, so I'm going to leave things with these remarks for the time being.

Until I can make a more substantial post, though, please consider reading Michael Novak's "Women, Ordination, and Angels.

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