Thursday, October 21, 2004

Not Just Democrats

I'm imagine that a reading of my blog over the last few weeks would lead one to conclude that my ire against Catholic politicians who fail to allow their faith to sufficiently form their politics is selectively aimed a Democrats, and John Kerry in particular.

There is some truth to that, and I think it's justified, for a couple reasons. First, Kerry is running not just for senate or even a governor's seat, but for the highest office in the land, from which he will be able to influence the entire nation. Second, Kerry has tried to argue that his faith in fact does inform his politics, something which is simply mindboggling to me.

Nonetheless, Kerry and his party most definitely do not have a monopoly on Catholic pols who don't always act Catholic in their voting and policy stances.

A notable and recent example of this is California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who this week came out in support of a ballot initiative which would send three billion California dollars to embryonic stem cell research. In other words the good governor wants to spend billions and billions of taxpayer dollars on research which will destroy hundreds (if not thousands) of human lives.

I guess there's a reason they call him the Terminator.

Former Boston mayor Ray Flynn -- pro-life Catholic Democrat -- appropriate took Schwarzenegger to task in a letter:
    After reading your stance on stem cell research, I seriously question whether you understand the teachings of our Catholic faith on the importance of promoting a culture of life in our country.
    I implore that you reconsider why you are a Catholic and consider correcting your stance on authorizing tax-exempt, general obligation bonds to fund embryonic stem cell research.'
Well said, Mr. Flynn.

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