Thursday, October 21, 2004

Abortion rates up under Bush?

There's been quite a bit of discussion and commentary this week regarding this article, in which the authors (an investigative journalist and a pro-life Christian ethicist with training in statistical analysis) claim that while abortion rates were declining under Clinton, they've got back up in Bush's term.

If true, it is good for Kerry and bad for Bush; there are a lot of people trying to argue that even if you vote solely on abortion, voting for Kerry is the better choice, because whatever his views on abortion are, his economic policies will reduce the need for abortions, and hence abortions.

Now, I think the argument is riddled with errors, but I recognize the rhetorical value that an increase in abortion rates represents.

However, the arguments made in the article in question may not be as solid as some would like. The National Right to Life Committee has looked closely at the statistical analysis, and sees serious errors. You can find their report here.

(Hat tip: K-Lo)

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