Friday, October 22, 2004

Being disingenuous at the cost of American lives

Senator Kerry was in Columbus, Ohio, today. You can find his remarks here. I want to pull out an excerpt:
    we are going to help cure disease by investing in science and new technologies. We will not stand in the way of the future. We will find it. We will lift President Bush's ban on federal funding for stem cell research.

    By blocking stem cell research, President Bush has sacrificed science to ideology. I agree with leaders from both political parties that stem cell research represents some of the best hopes of humanity. We are going to make funding for this research a priority. And we will uphold the highest ethical standards in the process.

I can't stand this man.

I really can't.

I understand that some degree of obfuscation and disingenuousness is a part of political speech, and always has been. I know that President Bush and probably most/many/nearly all Republican politicians have engaged in a little stretching of the truth now and then.

But Kerry's comments here are over the top.

First, the fact of the matter is, there is no ban on "stem cell research," nor on federal funding for it. The only ban there is is on federally-funded embryonic stem cell research. But Kerry never uses the world "embryo" or any derivations thereof. He simply says that Bush is against federally-funded stem cell research, which simply isn't true. Do all the stem cell research you want, but don't expect my tax dollars to pay for people to create human beings and kill them!!!!! It's enough of an injustice that embryonic stem cell research is even allowed in our country; don't expect me to agree to the compounding of that injustice by using tax dollars in this abhorrent "research".

And that's where Kerry gets completely laughable... "we will uphold the highest ethical standards in the process." The highest ethical standards???? Senator Kerry, who are you kidding??? "The process" requires killing people!!!! But I'm sure it will be done in an ethical manner.

Gimme a break.

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