Friday, October 08, 2004

Daschle, Catholicism, and Abortion

Speaking of convoluted logic as I was in the last post, Tom Daschle's internal polling data must not be pretty, because this week has been quite the interesting one for us here in South Dakota.

First, Daschle has a new "Values" tv ad (go here and click on "Values" to see it), in which he speaks about how he learned his values growing up in Aberdeen "as an altar boy," among other things. It's an attempt to reach out to the Catholic vote, which -- as in the rest of the country -- was solidly Democratic until the last 10-20 years when the Dems embraced radical feminism (and its cold, hard cash) and sold out to the abortion lobby.

Relatedly, Senator Daschle was interviewed over the phone this week by a journalist for the Rapid City Journal. In discussing the issue of abortion, Daschle refused to acknowledge that he is pro-choice, refusing in general to state what he is in favor of; he would only say what he's against: sending a woman or her abortionist to jail. He even went so far to say that he was anti-abortion, and that he did "not think that abortion should be allowed"!!! That's a quote, folks! Greg Belfrage -- a local talk show host -- played the interview over the air, and repeated some sections, including that one!

As Daschle's challenger, John Thune, said today, Daschle is anti-abortion one month every six years: the month of October before the election for his seat.

Can you believe the gall? Who could seriously believe that Daschle is anti-abortion? I'd like him to name a politician who is pro-abortion and explain the difference between their positions!

Furthermore, if Daschle were seriously concerned about reducing the numbers of abortion in our country but sincerely believed that the law of the land prevented outlawing it, wouldn't there be some evidence of such activity? Wouldn't we be able to see some legislative measure proposing increased funding for pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, or at least a public statement in support of those centers? William Murchison has an outstanding article in the latest issue of Touchstone Magazine (unfortunately, it's not available yet) in which he proposes concrete actions that all of these "I'm personally opposed, but..." politicians like Daschle and Kerry could take, actions which would demonstrate that they really mean what they say: that they believe abortion is the taking of a human life.

But pigs will fly before we see either man take such action. Their either too afraid of the abortion lobby, or they don't believe what they say one month every six years.

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