Saturday, January 05, 2008

A fav Lutheran blogger

Taking a timeout from yet another blogging hiatus here at Veritas to plug a blog: Weedon's blog, authored by Lutheran (LCMS) pastor William Weedon. Pastor Weedon exhibits an ability which -- at least in my experience -- is somewhat rare among confessional LCMS bloggers: you get the sense that he defines himself more by what he is (a confessional LCMS Lutheran) than by what he is not (a Catholic, or Reformed, etc.). (Unfortunately, the same tendency can be found among people of any tradition -- including Catholicism -- who are zealous about their orthodoxy; there's something about that zeal that tempts us to identify ourselves by opposition to others.)

Pastor Weedon reminds me of something often said by some Lutheran converts to Catholicism: with the truth at the heart of his view of justification (apart from the errors), Luther might have been able to reform the Church from within, instead of falling into heresy and excommunication. Alas. Why does Weedon's blog remind me of this? Because he offers us (in my opinion) some idea of the best that Lutheranism has to offer.

So: check him out. And be Catholic. :-)