Monday, April 28, 2003

Oh boy.

Thanks to this post by Jeff Miller, I just read an article by Mary Jo Anderson (contributor to Crisis Magazine) on Sean Hannity, specifically his status (or lack thereof) as a spokesman for Catholicism.

Apparently, Sean recently claimed on air that "the Church has slacked up a bit on its teaching, adopted a "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy on homosexuality." Like Mary Jo, this elicites a big groan from your's truly. She goes on to describe a caller who sought to set our talk show host straight by quoting the Catechism, at which point Sean replied... [ready yourself]... "Which catechism is that?" Once the caller explains, "THE Catechism," Sean "dismissed the Catechism because, he says, he has consulted theologians on this matter and they say something different."

Oh boy.

This is why -- as Mary Jo so eloquently put it -- Catholics who live and work in the public eye "need more training than an altar boy."


And that's why I'm in adult faith formation :-)

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