Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Give an inch....?

A Washington Post story from today begins,
    A series of important advances has boosted the potential of human embryonic stem cells to treat heart disease, spinal cord injuries and other ailments, but researchers say they are unable to take advantage of the new techniques under a two-year-old administration policy that requires federally supported scientists to use older colonies of stem cells.

    Now pressure is building from scientists, patient advocates and members of Congress to loosen the embryo-protecting restrictions imposed by President Bush, with some on Capitol Hill saying they want to take up the issue next month.
Later in the story we read about well-known ethicist, Senator Orrin Hatch, who "said that he is 'disappointed at the number of stem cell lines that have been available' to federally funded scientists, and that he will work with others on Capitol Hill 'in reexamining the administration's policy.'"

Thanks, Senator. Glad to hear that you still support killing the youngest of human beings.

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