Wednesday, April 30, 2003

AIDS Funding

Guest columnist Pia de Solenni has a good piece on the AIDS bill currently working its way through Congress. She discusses the tried & (not so) true means to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa (i.e. bombarding the populace with condoms, etc.), contrasting that with the success in Uganda with abstinance programs. As she says,
    Uganda has provided an alternative to condom hype. In 1995, when Uganda began to address HIV/AIDS by emphasizing abstinence, the country had an infection rate of 18.5 percent. By 2000, that rate had fallen to 6.1 percent. No other country has had this success. In fact, no other country has decreased its rate of infection despite the prevalence of condom programs.
Funny, why hasn't this news been seen much in the mainstream press?

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