Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Robert Sungenis on the JDDJ

In an online chat last Saturday, one chatter asked Robert Sungenis, "Maybe this has already been asked, but I was wondering, Mr. Sungenis, what prompted your exodus to a traditionalist viewpoint? Were your views always that way and just became evident when people started to attack you or was there indeed a change?"

Sungenis replied, Hard to say. I definitely believed the things I believe now when I first reverted in 1993. I think the thing that really changed was becoming aware of the virtual apostasy the Church is in right now," and followed that up with this:

"The first thing that got me thinking was the Joint Declaration on Justification with the Lutherans."

He goes on to enumerate other issues that led him to his current position, but I found it interesting that he believes the beginning of his "move" was the JDDJ.

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