Wednesday, February 12, 2003


A number of bloggers have linked to and commented on this article by Susan Lee of the Wall Street Journal, in which Ms. Lee holds up libertarianism as better than conservativism. Here was my "reader response":

Dear Ms. Lee,

While the libertarian position is in many ways internally coherent, far too many libertarians (including, apparently, yourself) are decidedly incoherent on the most enduring social issue of our time: abortion. You state that libertarianism has one ultimate moral principle: "self-ownership--individuals have the right to control their own bodies." Fine. Then how can you state, three paragraphs later, that libertarians "are in favor of abortion"? The science is clear: the embryo is human, it is an individual, and it obviously has a body. So what happened to that central moral principle from which all others flow?

You could have just as easily left the issue of abortion out of your article, considering that there in fact are pro-life libertarians, like Libertarians for Life, who remain consistent to the principles of libertarianism.

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