Thursday, February 20, 2003

Kucinich's reversal

Ohio congressman and former Cleveland mayor Dennis Kucinich is officially running for President. Yesterday a couple of bloggers (Mark Byron and Kevin Holtsberry) commented on Kucinich's reversal from pro-life progressive to pro-choice sellout. You see, now that he's running for the Democratic nomination, he had to switch on abortion. Oh yeah: he's Catholic, too.

Actually, this isn't a brand-new development. Last November I posted on an NRO article by Tim Carney, which details how Kucinich stuck by his pro-life guns, until an article in The Nation turned its guns on him and asked how someone who seeks to be the leader of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party could possibly be anti-choice [sic]. Kucinich's stance slowly began to change soon afterward.

Today, there is another article at NRO on the whole thing, this one by David Enrich. Check it out.

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