Friday, February 07, 2003

I don't see any alternative

One of my commentors wondered about my stance on a possible war against Iraq, in light of the fact that I acknowledge, accept, and rejoice in the teaching office of the Catholic Church. I do intend to respond, but I cannot do so right now. In the meantime, I'd recommend the following posts from thoughtful Catholics who either are or were ambiguous about a possible war or against it:

Bill Cork's post explaining his change in position.
A post by Emily Stimpson, explaining how she sees no alternative to war, in spite of her wishes otherwise.
A post by Greg Popcak, much like Emily's: he does not want war, but he sees no alternative.
Robert Gotcher's post explaining why he continues to pray for peace and is not ready to jump on the war wagon, even though he is convinced by the case as laid out most recently by Colin Powell.
On the other hand, here is a post by Kevin Miller, in which he posits that a war against Iraq right now would be wrong.
Finally, I would recommend reading Bill Cork's posts from the last week on this issue, including this recent one on the Statement made concerning Iraq by the US Bishops back in November.

Again, I do not want war, and if war is coming, it must be the absolutely last option available. But in my opinion -- which I have sought to form according to the moral principles given by the Magisterium -- we are at the point. Am I in disagreement with Cardinals Stafford and Ratzinger? Sadly, yes. But in my analysis of their positions, I see neither anything which precludes me from holding my position and remaining a faithful Catholic (Ratzinger himself openly notes that his competence is not in political matters), nor do I see anything which convinces me that my position is wrong (this is the analysis I hope to offer in the future). As far as the Holy Father is concerned... I agree with his statements: we must do everything we can do avoid war. And I believe we are doing so.

I continue to pray for peace without war, but I believe that we must also continue to prepare for war in the event that it is ultimately necessary.

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