Saturday, February 15, 2003

Conservative = bad person

That seems to be the m.o. of too many liberals, David Limbaugh cogently argues. Referring to a recent column by Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen in which Cohen bashes Bush, Limbaugh writes,
    But many liberals, such as Cohen, can't seem to divorce themselves from assessing one's character on the basis of his policy positions -- and the phony pretense to compassion that often accompanies them. If they perceive someone as a fellow liberal, they accord him an irrebuttable presumption of righteousness, even if personally he's a rotten guy.

    Conversely, they presume the opposite about genuinely decent people like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush because they perceive them to be political conservatives. Cohen, after portraying Clinton as compassionate, laments, "This is not the case with President Bush ... and that he seems so untroubled is, in itself, troubling." (Bush, the uncompassionate.)

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